MS Dynamics AX Technical Consultant for DUBAI / UAE locationImmediate Joining Only

Summary: Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical /Fuctional Consultant DUBAI / UAE

    AlfaLogic is a global consulting and selective outsourcing IT solutions provider that combines an impressive command of industry expertise and leading technology capabilities with fully integrated on-site, off-site, offshore and blended delivery methodologies.

Experience : 4+ years

Skill Set:

4+ years of working Consulting experience in Dynamics AX
Awareness of MS standards
Experience in preparation and review of design documents,
Perform client facing role.
Valid microsoft Certifications in AX Programming
Capable of understanding requirements and customize in AX
Capable of documenting the requirements
Should do unit testing
Provide technical training to the users
Good problem solving and troubleshooting skills
Ability to work as a key team player through collaboration, training and mentoring.
Ability to work with business stakeholders to identify needs and apply appropriate technical solutions.
Certifications in Ax programming additional certifications are a plus.
Excellent business communication and leadership; able to manage multiple projects concurrently.
Proven capability to collaborate with non-professional as well as professional stakeholders at all levels.
Ability to work in a team environment and add to his teams" knowledge base and AX experience.
Should be able to adhere to Microsoft standards
Knowledge of MS Sure Step implementation methodology

If your are looking for a change and available to join immediately do reply back your confirmation with the following details to without which we shall not be able to process your CV.

Current CTC
Expected CTC
Available to Join
Passport #
Passport Validity#
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Microsoft CRM 2011,Fields and Data types,Free tutorial for beginners ppt download

Summary: Dynamics CRM 2013 Customizing Entities Tutorial Part-2 document free download 

MS CRM Entity Model:

            Similar to an XML document, all objects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are treated as an entity or an attribute. Account, Contacts, Activities, and so on are all entities in the CRM system, and every entity has attributes, related to the entity, which are now called fields on this new version of CRM. An example of this is Account and Account Name. Account is an entity and Account Name is a field (see Figure 23.2). This new version now enables us to create entities of type of activity, which was not allowed on previous versions.
                                         FIGURE 23.2 Fields of the Account entity

In this Microsoft Dynamics CRM Entity Model mainly contains the 3 components They are

  • Fields
  • Relationship
  • Messages

Lets we can see one by one in the below.

Fields :

     Fields can be of the following property types or Data types in MS CRM: 

  •  Single Line of text (nvarchar type):Used for small texts or strings. 
  •  Option Set (picklist type):Used for drop-downs or combo boxes, with a limited set of fixed options. This is what was called picklist on previous versions.Option sets on this new version of CRM are much more powerful and reusable than previous versions. You can reuse the same option set on more than one entity.
  •  Two Options (bit type):Used for Boolean values such as yes or no
  • Whole Number (int type):Used for numbers
  • Floating Point Number (float type):Used for numbers with decimals with floating point
  •  Decimal Number (decimal type):Used for numbers with decimals
  • Currency (money type):Used for amounts
  • Multiple Line of text (ntext type):Used for large texts or strings
  •  Date and Time (datetime type):Used for dates and times
  • Lookup (lookup type):Used for lookup other entities relationships Depending on which type you use, option sets have different properties.Entities are associated with other entities via a customization referred to as a relationship.
                                 The remaining two concepts relationships and messages i can explain completely in the next article.

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Ms crm 2011 Customization guide for online training,exam

 Summary: Dynamics CRM Customizing Entities Tutorial Part-1 Pdf free download  
                 One of the most powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that you can customize (or configure) all entities, such as Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities.Navigate to the main entities customization screen by going to Settings and Customizations, and you will see that you can customize entities in several ways (see Figure 23.1). You can customize existing entities or create new entities. This version of CRM 2011 adds new ways to customize an entity without having to go this Setting area but going to any entity and either opening a Form of an entity and clicking on the customization tab on the ribbon will be enough to start making changes.

Customization Principles:
                The most basic principle is that Microsoft CRM is built in an n-tier model with the user interface layers (web client and Outlook client) on the top, the application layer in the middle, and the database layer represented by the SQL Server on the bottom. so always make the customizations following the principles.

                If you are an expert SQL database administrator or developer, you might be tempted to create database triggers or stored procedures, or change the database schema.However, we strongly recommend that you not touch the database directly in any situation. Doing so is considered an unsupported customization and might cause the application to break or fail.


Two kinds of customization characteristics exist when working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: supported and unsupported.
         We outline only supported customizations that follow Microsoft best practices and will generally not fail when the product is upgraded.Unsupported customizations might perform any function, but they fall outside the range of Microsoft’s testing when considering upgrades, database schema changes, and
support rollups.
 Unsupported customizations can have the following results:
  • Service packs might fail, break, or not install.
  • Upgrades to the product might cause unexpected results or fail entirely.
  • The application or database might become unstable and fail to work.
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Immediate job opening for Senior CRM Technical Consultant with CMM L5 Client for hyderbad

Summary:  Very Immediate Opportunity for "Senior MSCRM Technical Consultant" with CMM L5 Client 

We are looking for a MS Dynamics CRM consultant for Meridiansoft Infosystems,Hyd. Kindly check with the JD as in the below and reply back if available and interested.

Job Details:

Experience : 5-7 Year
Job location : Hyderabad
The candidate should have overall 5+ years of experience in Dot net and over 2-3 years of experience in MS Dynamics CRM. Have an understanding of basic development best practices. Responsibilities will include the design, development, and implementation.
Skills & Competencies
* Experience working with the .NET Framework and C#
* Experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 
* Knowledge on T-SQL and XML 
* Should have worked with MSBuild and the TFS Build System
* Strong problem solving skills with proven track record of completing projects
* Excellent organization and communication skills

Note: People who can join with in a month only needs to apply.and forward resume to
MeridianSoft Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Dynamics CRM Jobs Openings with Ness Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd

Summary: MSDynamics CRM Developer Recruitment,4 to 6 yrs,Hyderabad

           Ness Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ness Technologies Inc. since 2003. Ness Technologies India began its operations in India in 2000. With about 3,000 employees, Ness Technologies India centers are spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

            It caters to the delivery needs of major clients in Europe, India, Israel and the US, who value the specialized Software Product Development and R&D Services, topped with a true partnership approach and deep vertical skills in industries like Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences and many more. Ness Technologies India runs software product labs for 50 world-class clients, who are market leaders..

JOB DESIGNATION/ROLE/POSITION:  Software Developer/Contract to Hire



Skill set for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Good communication and expression skills both verbal and written Technical background with functional Dynamics CRM experience

  • At least 2 years of experience working with Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Thorough understanding of CRM 2011 entity structure
  • Understanding of CRM database structure

Should be able to -

  • create entities, fields, relationships
  • create Workflows, Dialogs
  • create system views, personal views
  • Create Native Workflows as well as custom workflows
  • Create web resources - JavaScript, HTML, Silverlight
  • Should have worked with CRM Plugins
  • Create Native reports as well as SSRS reports in CRM
  • Worked with Scribe & .Net/ADX studio


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ms crm 2011 interview questions and answers

Summary: Microsoft Dynanmic CRM 2013 -

1)  What is a Plug-in?
            A plug-in is custom business logic that you can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to modify or augment the standard behavior of the platform. Plug-ins are event handlers since they are registered to execute in response to a particular event being fired by the platform.

2) What is a workflow?

             Workflow enables automation of business processes during which documents, information, or tasks are passed from one party to another and actions are performed according to a set of rules. Workflow provides many out-of-the-box components that business users and administrators can use to model their business processes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers developers a new mechanism to extend and customize the standard behavior to achieve the functionality that their business applications require.

3) Difference between CRM 2011 Plug-In and Workflow

Execution before or after the core platform operation (Create, Update, Delete, and so on)
Executes immediately before or after the core operation (synchronous).Can also be queued to execute after the core operation (asynchronous).
Queued to execute after the core operation (always asynchronous).
Performance impact on the server
Synchronous plug-ins can increase the platform’s response time because they are part of the main platform processing.Asynchronous plug-ins have less impact on server response time because the code is run in a different process.
Less impact on server response time because the code is run in a different process.
Security restrictions
To register a plug-in with the platform requires a System Admin or System Customizer security role and membership in the Deployment Administrator group.
Users can interactively create workflows in the Web application.However, to register a custom workflow activity, the deploying user must have the same security roles as those required for registering plug-ins.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM version (SKU) support
Supported in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online when registered in the sandbox. May be supported in partner-hosted installations at the discretion of the partner.
Workflows without custom workflow activities are supported by all product versions. Custom workflow activities are not supported on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Length of processing time
A plug-in registered for synchronous or asynchronous execution is restricted to complete its execution within a 2 minute time limit. 
Works well for either short or long processes.

Works when the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client is offline
Both online and offline are supported.
Workflows do not execute when offline.
Process and data persistence
Plug-ins execute to completion. Plug-ins must be written to be stateless where no in-memory data is persisted.
Workflows can be paused, postponed, canceled, and resumed through SDK calls or by the user through the Web application. The state of the workflow is automatically saved before it is paused or postponed.
Plug-ins can perform data operations on behalf of another system user.
Workflows cannot use impersonation.

4)  Difference between plugin vs workflow (asynchronous vs synchronous)

  •  Workflows and by extension, custom workflow activities, execute totally asynchronously. 
  •  Plugins can execute both asynchronously and synchronously.
  • Workflows can be manually executed, or automatically triggered by selected events. 
  • Workflows can be limited to automatically execute within specific organizational scopes (ie. Org, BU, Parent and Child BUs, or for the Owner only). 
  •  Plugins are always triggered by the messages to which they're subscribed, though some Messages allow limiting  execution based on whether certain attributes have been passed into the Message.
  • Workflows can be turned  off (by unpublishing).  Plugins are always on.  Custom workflow activities can be used in many Workflows.  
  • Workflows can be developed through the Workflow design interface. 
  •  Plugins must be developed in Visual Studio.Workflows do not require compiling (though custom workflow activities do). 
  •  Plugins and custom workflow activities must be compiled and deployed through processes external to CRM.
      In short: though only asynchronous in nature, Workflows allow an unimpeachable degree of flexibility and ease of configuration which Plugins do not afford, and their administration can be granted to power users of CRM without necessary access to the server or platform code.  Plugins offer the highest degree of security and performance and surpass Workflows in capability and ability to augment platform operations.
When speed of execution, security of process, and validity of data are integral, I choose Plugins.  When flexibility, functionality reuse, and optional user involvement are integral, I choose Workflows.
5) When will you use workflow and when will you use Plug In.?

           With the CRM 4.0 and 2011 enhancements to the plug-in and workflow engine as well as the introduction of the web based workflow designer I've seen many CRM developers asking the same question: When should I use workflow vs. plug-ins?   The answer is “depends”; the right approach is determined by the characteristics of the task that you are trying to accomplish.  

The following matrix gives you my take on this:

Needs a synchronous action to happen before or after an event occurs
The same piece of logic will be executed for different events and possibly on different entities
The logic needs to be executed while offline
Needs elevation of privileges (impersonation)
Needs to execute on events other than assign, create, update, setstate
The process/logic may take a long time to complete or will be a persistent process (multiple long running steps)
Needs an asynchronous action
End users will need to modify the process logic
Child sub processes will be triggered

6) What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router?

        Ms CRM E-mail Router is a software component that creates an interface between a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment and the organization's messaging system. The E-mail Router routes qualified email messages to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system as email activities and fully integrates with different messaging systems, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange Online, POP3, and SMTP. The E-mail Router includes the functionality for sending email through any desired SMTP provider and for receiving email from Microsoft Exchange Server or from a POP3 server. Additionally, the Forward Mailbox feature remains available.

7) Should I have Microsoft Exchange Server installed in my Active Directory domain?
         You do not need to have Microsoft Exchange Server installed to send and to receive email messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can use  external or in-house SMTP and POP3 services to send and to receive email messages

Interview Questions on MS CRM 2011 for experienced candidates

Summary: NTT Data, Accenture,Wipro,Infosys,Microsoft,Sonata Dynamics CRM Functional / Techinical Interview Questions download pdf.

                    Everyone would have heard about NTT Data Technologies. NTT DATA is your Innovation Partner anywhere around the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in more than 35 countries, we put emphasis on long-term commitment and combine global reach and local intimacy to provide premier professional services from consulting, system development to business IT outsourcing .

Let me share my ms crm interview experience .

1.what is the sales Territories in CRM 2011 ?
2.Multiple Inheritance in .net ?
3.left outer joins and right inner joins  differences ?
4.what are the sql server parameters ?
5.when creating a custom entities what are the tables will created for that entity ?
6.what is the difference b/w Append and Append To ?
7. How many Max No.of  loops for  plugins is stored in database ?
8.what is the diff b/w Ms CRM 4.0 and 2011 ?
9.what is event pipe line Execution in CRM ?
10.what are the databases created when Ms Dynamics CRM installed ?
11.if add the new organization to already existing system what are the databases will create ? you can cosume the external wcf services in plugins or custom workflows ?
13.what is the diff  b/w soap and rest ?
14.what is websources?
15. we can search the sharepoint documents in CRM ?

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What is the permanent resolution security role issue in MS CRM 2011 ?

summary: What is the permanent resolution for following issue ?

               I have 2 users [A & B] who have been assigned same security roles within a single business unit. Issue is A can access records but B can't. 

              But when I change the security role of B to system administrator role and publish the same , refresh the crm again, and assigned the original security role which B has, The issue seems to be fixed.

                This swapping of security roles to sys adm and again changing back to original security role is a temporary workaround in both MS CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011.

                           Can you guys kindly provide me why it is happening so ?

Dynamics CRM Developer Louisville, KY - $115K Great Culture!

Summary: Dynamics CRM Developer- Louisville, KY - $115K Great Culture!

                        Dynamics CRM End user in the process of migrating their system from 4.0 to 2011 is ACTIVELY searching for a Dynamics CRM developer to bring their knowledge of the tool in house!! The client is also going to be an integrating SharePoint and is ideally looking for candidates with previous knowledge of SharePoint - although not necessary. Exciting opportunity in a laid back, family style environment with THE BEST company culture and EXTREMELY Flexible salary requirements!! 

Desired Experience: 

-Dynamics CRM 2011- C# Custom Plugin development 
-Form and field Customizations 
-JavaScript and Workflow development 
-Integration experience- Scribe for SharePoint integrations 
-SQL Experience- SSRS experience 
-CRM SDK experience 
-Work alongside a Business analyst that focuses on Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP 
Major PLUS: 
Candidates that have experience sitting in on design sessions with management team would be a plus and ability to communicate end users to increase user adoption!! 


-Training programs for CRM- opportunity to get certifications if desired! 
-Medical, Dental, vision coverage 
-PTO, 401K- 7% match 
-Discretionary Bonus- Paid out yearly 
-Short/Long term disability 
-Collaborate with a team of Microsoft Professionals and reputable Gold Partner! 
-Relaxed, laid back company culture!! 

             This End User of Dynamics CRM is not discriminating candidates based upon salary at this point and have interviewed candidates with requirements up to $125K for the Ideal Candidate! 

        The client has already begun the interview process and is in the second round of interviews with some very strong Dynamics professionals. If you are interested in applying to this position please apply to the AD or send your resume directly to John at or call at 212-731-8282

          Dynamics CRM / MSCRM / MS CRM / CRM 2011 / development / consultant / C# / technical / functional / analyst / JavaScript / SharePoint / developer / engineer / BizTalk / Developer 

Nigel Frank International is the global leader for Microsoft Dynamics recruitment, advertising more Dynamics CRM jobs than any other agency. We deal with both Microsoft Partners & End Users throughout North America. By specializing solely in placing candidates in the Microsoft Dynamics market I have built relationships with most of the key employers in North America and have an unrivalled understanding of where the best opportunities and Dynamics CRM jobs are. 

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Openings with our client Bangalore for MSCRM Consultant Bangalore for Immediate Joinee

Summary:Openings with our client Bangalore for MS dynamics CRM Bangalore for Immediate Joinee.

Job Purpose: To develop and execute project development activities and to support production for complex engineering                              project lines.
Experience:    MS Dynamics 4.0 and 2011 and .NET 
Job Description:
1. Customer

  •  Understanding requirements of the modules/components assigned.
  •  Detailed analysis and design of modules assigned, if required.
  •  Preparing Unit test plans and test cases.
  •  Implementing/developing the code as per module design.
  •  Unit testing.
  •  Assisting in preparation of Integration Test Plan and System Test Plan.
  •  Providing support during integration testing, system testing, independent verification and validation testing and UAT.
  •  Resolving any defects reported by peer reviews, independent verification and validation and testing
2. Process

 Ensuring compliance to policies and processes

3. People

Participate in peer reviews

If interested, please send your updated resume in word format to with the following details: 

Current CTC: 
Expected CTC: 
Notice Period: 
Rel Exp: 
Present Location: 
Contact Number: 

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Job Openings for SAP CRM Consultant with Kaar Technologies in chennai

Summary:  SAPCRM Technical Consultant Job for Kaar Technologies 

                         Kaar Technologies ( is a company of professionals focused on providing SAP and SAP NetWeaver related services. Headquartered in Chennai, India, with offices in Netherlands, Saudi Arabia US, Singapore and Canada. We are a joint venture company with a certified SAP services provider in Netherlands.. 

                          We have executed end to end SAP projects across various geographies which include Middle East, Netherlands and India. We have been one of the preferred SAP vendors for Fortune One Company in Saudi Arabia. Kaar Technologies have successfully executed complex SAP projects and have extensive experience in providing SAP solutions for various industrial verticals like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Manufacturing,FMCG,Automobile, Real Estate and Construction and Media. 

                            With a strong understanding of the market requirements in various industrial verticals, Kaar technologies is currently involved in developing in-house products (SAP and Non-SAP products). 


Skill : SAP CRM Technical Consultant 
Experience : 3 to 5 yrs
Base Location : Chennai

044-4065 1566

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Ms CRM Jobs with Giri Solutions in San Diego, California, USA

Summary: Senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer

Job Order #1057

Posted Date:9/16/2013
Job Category:IT/Computing
Position Title:Senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer
Salary Range:75K - 100K
Location:San Diego, California, USA
Desired Skills:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer

Looking for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer to join the existing CRM Practice. You will report to of the Practice Manager. Primary responsibilities include but not limited to analyze, architect, implement, develop, test, deploy and conduct end-user training on Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. This role requires functional and technical knowledge with emphasis on technical capabilities.
Desired Skills & Experience
The ideal candidate will have 2+ years of experience in IT/Management Consulting Services and CRM projects. Overall experience of 4 to 5 or more is desired but not mandatory. Be passionate about software development, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, multi-tasking capabilities as well as a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems or a related field. You should have strong consulting experience in analysis, design and architecture, and scoping CRM solutions with a proven track record of enterprise level design and deployment of Microsoft CRM.
  • Participate in large, mid-size and small Microsoft Dynamics CRM related projects
  • Work with clients and other team members to architect and develop CRM Solutions
  • Engage the client as a trusted advisor and quickly gain credibility
  • Work closely with Account Management and Marketing to determine ways to expand the CRM practice
  • Engage with Account managers and Clients during the presales phase to collect necessary information to draft Statements of Work
  • Investigate business needs and discuss new opportunities with the clients
  • Lead requirements gathering sessions
  • Consult with the client on a “best practices” approach to CRM
  • Plan and execute Microsoft CRM upgrades

Giri Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Apply for this job now or contact our branch office for additional information:

Giri Solutions
Phone: 888.854.7083
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