Upgrade Solutions Ms CRM 2011 to Ms Dynamics CRM 2013

Summary: How to upgrade solutions Ms CRM 2011 to Ms Dynamics CRM 2013

How to upgrade solutions:
CRM 2013 supports importing solutions from the previous CRM Online service upgrade.
Upgrading a CRM Online organization that contains solutions:
There are a few key things to keep in mind when your organization with an unmanaged solution is upgraded.
The solution is upgraded to CRM 2013 together with the organization. There are several key differences in an upgraded organization compared to a new organization. Most important is the sitemap. In an upgraded organization, the sitemap will keep the original configuration defined in the organization sitemap sub-areas new to CRM 2013 will not appear. For example, the Workplace will still be present in the sitemap of an upgraded organization, whereas it would not be in a “new” CRM 2013 organization.

Managed solutions that are present in an organization are automatically upgraded to a CRM 2013 solution; however, they cannot be exported. Upgrades to them must be done in a new unmanaged solution or in the default solution in CRM 2013. This will create a dependency on the older solution which may or may not be your goal. We recommend contacting the owner of the managed solution and request a version that has been upgraded to CRM 2013

Importing a CRM 2011 solution into CRM 2013:
You can directly import existing solutions into CRM 2013. However, there are a few important things to understand in this process.
In the section How to upgrade forms above, we covered that all entities have a CRM 2011 and a CRM 2013 form available to them in CRM 2013. When you import a CRM 2011 solution that contains any form customizations, those customizations will be applied to the CRM 2011 form only. This applies to both managed and unmanaged solutions. What that means is that each time you import a CRM 2011 solution that you want to use in your CRM 2013 forms, you must upgrade the form to use it. This applies to forms only. The plugins, entities, and other solution objects in the upgraded solutions do not require any changes.

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