CRMONCE: MS Dynamics CRM Quiz Contest WIN 500RS Gift Voucher.

Contest Conditions

July 11th 2015 4 PM – July 20th 2015 8 PM IST

Criteria for Winner:

Contestant who answers all questions correctly in the shortest time will be awarded with 500 INR PayTM or BookMyShow vouchers


1.      What are calculated fields and how does one apply aggregated Methods?
2.      What are rollup fields and how does they work?
3.      In Dynamics CRM, on an attribute we have business rule and on change JavaScript, which event will trigger first?  

Data Migration

1.      When performing data migration can we migrate ‘createdon’ and ‘modifiedon’ dates for the records? If so how we can achieve it?
2.      When performing data migration, can we migrate workflows that are in pending stage? If so how we can achieve that?

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