CRMOnce: AdxStudio(Nao's) Portals online training & course content

Subject : CRM 2016 AdxStudio(Nao's) Portals Training 

AdxStudio Course Content

Module 1:  Introduction

1. Portals Overview & CRM Integration
2. Installation and Configuration
3. Content Publishing

Module 2: Styling & Portal User Configuration

 Portal Theming: 
How to use the included front-side framework to brand and theme your portal with minimum development time, while maintaining a slick, responsive layout

Liquid Templating: 
How to use the included Liquid Templating language to create powerful web templates and radically customize your portal - all without any code changes.

Registration & Invitations: 
In-depth look at configuration of out-of-the-box registration modes and invitation model

Authentication Options: 
A discussion of the OOB options that can be used to configure Authentication.

Content Authorization: 
How to assign rights and permissions to secure content and allow front-side editing.

Module 3: Entity Forms, Lists & Permissions

 Entity Forms: 
How to render Forms on the Portal for arbitrary CRM entities quickly and easily by using the Out-of-the-Box Entity Form feature

Entity Lists: 
How to render CRM Views as Lists on the Portal using the incredible Entity List feature. We'll also deep-dive into Advanced Entity List options including Map view, Calendar view, oData feeds, custom actions, and Entity List Templating.

Entity Permissions: 
How to assign rights and permissions to arbitrary CRM entities, using the Adxstudio Portals Security Model

Module 4 : Developer Quick Start

 Web Forms: 
How to create complex and powerful multi-step wizards and processes on your portal, via the powerful Adxstudio web forms feature.

Portal Structure: 
Explanation of Master Portal Codebase, its OOB features and structure.

 Developer Best Practices: 
How to go about extending the Master Portal Web project


ADX Studio extensions ( programming)

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Azure / IIS Deployment

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