How to develop a daily/schedule Jobs for Dynamics 365

Subject: How to develop a daily/schedule Jobs for Dynamics 365

v  We have a couple ways to develop the scheduler jobs. The following approaches are most commonly used.
        1. Console Application (C#) and Scheduling.
        2. Scribe packages and Scheduling.
        2. SSIS Packages and Scheduling.
v One of the major parameter for deciding the approach is volume of the data needs to be updated/created.
              If you need to perform operation for less than 10k then we will be able to manage with Console App.
              If volume of the data is greater than 10k then we need to go with SSIS or Scribe jobs.

Step by step process to develop the Console Application for Dynamics 365.          
Common Scenarios :
1.Sending the mails to remainder mails from CRM for Approval or pending action for any entity.
2.Retrieving data from other data source and Create/Updating in Dynamics 365.
3.Perform the some calculations and updating the CRM.

I will develop a simple console application here and show the step by step.

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