What is a Azure Logic Apps

Summary : Azure Logic Apps Introduction

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service that allows you to automate business processes and tasks.
Logic Apps simplifies the design and development of scalable solutions for application integration, data integration, system integration, enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business (B2B) communication, whether in the cloud, on site or on both sides.

Some scenarios we can automate the with logic apps:
·         Send Office 365 email notifications when events occur in different systems, apps and services. 
      Move uploaded files to Azure Storage from an SFTP or FTP server. 
      Monitor tweets for a particular topic, analyze feelings and create alerts or tasks for items that need to be reviewed.

Azure Logic Apps having a growing gallery with 200+ connectors, which include services such as Azure Service Bus, Functions, and Storage; SQL, Office 365, Dynamics, Salesforce, BizTalk, SAP, Oracle DB, file shares, and more. 

·         Managed connectors: logic apps need access to data, services, and systems. Use prebuilt Microsoft-managed connectors that are designed to connect, access, and work with your data.
·         Triggers: Connectors provide triggers that fire when events or new data meet specified conditions
·         Actions: Actions are all the steps that happen after the trigger. Each action usually maps to an operation that's defined by a managed connector, custom API, or custom connector.

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