Power Apps Training

PowerApps Training 

1. An introduction to PowerApps

     a. What is PowerApps?

     b. Advantages

     c. How to get PowerApps access?

     d. What is Canvas App and Model-Driven App?

2. Getting started with PowerApps 

     a. What is template and how to use?

     b. Building a canvas app with a data source

     c. Working with controls

     d. Formulas 

     e. Testing the app changes

      f. App settings

     g. Publishing and Sharing the app

     h. How to restore and work with versions

      i. Mobile app

3. Branding and customizations 

     a. Duplicate screens

     b. Colors, fonts

     c. Screen backgrounds

     d. Buttons, Icons

     e. Hide and Show

      f. Timer control

4. PowerApps Controls 

     a. Text controls

     b. Other controls

     c. Charts

     d. Forms

     e. Gallery / Data tables

5. Data Source 

     a. Which database to use?

     b. Gateways

     c. Data storage

6. Model Driven app 

a. What is model-driven app

b. When to use

c. How to create

7. PowerApps Integration 

a. Embedding in MS Teams

b. Embedding in SharePoint

c. Connecting to a flow

8. Administration 

a. Migration

b. App usage (analytics)

c. Restrict PowerApps to a user

d. Manage environments


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